Why Buy Quality Scented Candles?

October 15, 2007

So many customers want to save a few extra dollars that they buy many of their household products from stores that simply offer the lowest price. While buying tea towels at discount may not be much of a big deal, though, buying scented candles by price alone is not a smart move. There are many reasons why buying quality candles is important:

1) Quality scented candles have better wax quality. The reason why quality candles cost a little more is because candle makers use higher-quality (and therefore, more expensive) ingredients in making these candles. In turn, better wax quality means that candles burn better.

2) Quality scented candles are less dangerous. Lower-quality candles can have fillers and other impurities in their wax. A few years ago, there were some studies showing that some foreign-made candles actually had lead in their wicks. Heating lead in your home can be very toxic. When you buy quality candles, you are often purchasing a better product. Makers of quality scented candles have reputations to uphold and these manufacturers take care to ensure that their products are safe.

3) Quality scented candles are longer-lasting. This means that they can often save you money. Low-quality candles are often mass-made with little thought to design and are often made with many fillers, as well. This can cause them to burn unevenly and very quickly, meaning that you may have to replace candles far more frequently. With quality scented candles, you can often enjoy the same candle for many, many hours.

4) Quality scented candles boast more complex scents. Cheap candles often come in a few, one-note scents – rose, linen, cucumber. While there is nothing wrong with that, it can get a little boring. Quality scented candle manufacturers spend a lot of time coming up with unique and pleasant scents that combine several “notes” – just like fine perfumes. You may enjoy scented candles with rose, vanilla, and bergamot fragrances together, for example.

5) Quality scented candles have purer scents. Cheap candles often have fillers and are made of cheap wax. When burned, you may smell more petroleum and wax than scent. Some cheap candles are only coated with scent, so that their perfumes quickly fade out and disappear. Some are made with synthetic scents that smell only vaguely like the intended fragrance. All of this is hardly pleasing. When you choose quality scented fragrances, though, you enjoy exactly the scent you paid for.

6) Quality scented candles have scents that are present even when the candle is not lit. Low quality candles are just not very fragrant, but quality products can subtly fragrance a room or even a linen drawer when unlit. This means that you can actually get more fragrance and use from these candles.

7) Quality scented candles offer more selection. Quality scented candles allow you to choose from many colors, shapes, and sizes. Quality scented candles allow you to choose from an entire palate of scents so that you can select the perfect product for yourself.

Article source: https://qualityscentedcandles.wordpress.com/2007/10/15/why-buy-quality-scented-candles/


Choosing Quality Scented Candles

August 30, 2007

How can you tell whether you are buying quality scented candles? It’s a question that many customers ask. Many customers know that the difference between low quality candles and high quality candles is immense. Not only do high quality scented candles last longer and provide a better experience, but they can actually be healthier. If you want the best for you and your home, follow these tips for choosing high-quality scented candles:

1) Look at the price. While price is not always the only indicator of quality, it can be an important clue. Quality scented candles do not always have to priced very high, but quality does cost money. You simply cannot buy quality scented candles at a steep discount, because the high quality ingredients used to make these products cost the manufacturers more money. Quality manufacturers also test their products for safety and quality, and this extra cost is passed on to you.

2) Look at where the candle is made. Candles made locally are usually made in facilities that have to pass certain safety standards. Some candles made overseas can be safe as well, but do consider buying candles made in the country – this can help ensure that you are getting good quality. Supporting local business is also sure to make you feel good about your purchase.

3) Look at the manufacturer. You can learn a lot about the quality of a scented candle by looking at the manufacturer who made your candle. Today, researching manufacturers is as simple as visiting a few web sites online. Look out for candles made by generic manufacturers or companies that make many other products. Look for quality scented candles made by candle makers who have years of experience and a dedication to candles. Manufacturers who make a name for themselves making quality candles take great care to produce great quality, because they have a reputation to uphold. Also, quality manufacturers simply know more about candles and about candle safety and so can make candles that are safe and high quality.

4) Read the ingredients. Not all candles list all their ingredients, but many candles do at least indicate something. Be wary of candles that contain no information. Quality scented candles generally come with plenty of information about the candles themselves. You can also generally get plenty of information about quality scented candles on manufacturer’s home pages. If you are worried about quality, look for candles made of high-grade waxes, bee waxes, and soy products.

5) Look carefully at the candle. Manufacturers of high quality scented candles are often proud of their product – and it shows. Quality candles are often well-packaged and well wrapped to protect the candle itself. Good care is generally taken in the design and appearance of the candle, so that it is attractive, smooth and well-shaped. Look out for crumbly candles that have a petroleum scent and poorly attached wicks – these are likely to be of lower quality.

6) Look at where you are buying your candle. You should be buying candles from a retailer who knows about candles – not from your nearest discount store, which is likely only looking at the bottom line and not at quality. When you buy quality scented candles from a store that specializes in candles, you often enjoy a better selection, better prices, and knowledgeable help, too.

Article source: https://qualityscentedcandles.wordpress.com/2007/10/15/choosing-quality-scented-candles/